URead - the Universal Reader for ebooks!

URead (aka Universal Reader) is the first eReader in China that supports epub format, supporting reading, making and writing ebooks in one small program. The most up-to-date version is 0.84.624. Please click here to download uread for Windows. If you are using linux or Mac OS, you have wait for some time. Be sure to take a look at the Readme (in both English and Chinese). Also, read FAQ if you're a new comer.

URead is the most popular ebook reader in China. Click here for uread user statistics.

There are 513,813 downloadable ebooks in the uread library. Online books on other websites can also be downloaded by uread. [Even the free books scanned by google can be downloaded and read by uread.] Please use the book search function of uread to locate and download books.

All the books are uploaded by the uread users and their copyrights belong to the original authors. If you think that your copyrighted books should not be in the uread library, write to us and we'll take it down.

If you do not use Windows, you can try the free online text to epub conversion

If you would like to download all the books in the e-library, you can donate $50 or more and we will make you a super member. Try to send email to mandel@21cn.com for details.

If you have an ipad/iphone/ipod touch, you can also access uread e-library using Stanza. The URL is http://uread.superfection.com/log/stanza.cgi

Tips: when reading books, you can press ctrl+1 (digit 1, not letter l) to switch between 1-column and 2-column mode.

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