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General Questions

What's uread?

Simply put, it's an ebook reader, however, it's much more than that, as its name implies, it's a Universal Reader. Books (ubk, txt, epub, ...), Images, Flashs, Films, Blogs, News, ... are all supported by uread.

uread's brief history

I planned to send an ebook to a friend for her birthday, however the book (made by iread, purportedly acclaimed as the best ebook reader/maker) cannot display properly in my friend's computer. Even in my computer the Chinese punctuation characters will sometimes be the first character in a line, which is totally absurd for Chinese. I had to write one by myself, and the first version only took one day.

what features does uread have?

uread is tiny ebook reader/maker/editor (less than 2M when compresed, first and the only one with 3-in-1 capabilities). Here is a simple comparison of uread 0.45 and iread 2.799:

multilingualEnglish Chinese OnlyAny language
multiple OSesSimplified Chinese Windows OnlyAny Windows
background musicYesYes
vertical textYesYes
exort to exeYesYes
font changeNoYes
making booksanother toolin place
green softwarerequire installationno installation
epub supportNoYes
umd supportNoYes
book searchNo80,000 books plus online searching of a dozen book sites
novels sitesNot supportedSupported
Reading blogsNoYes
RSS News ReaderNoYes
Update for serial booksNoYes
online readersNoYes
online chattingNoYes
Video and TVNoYes
One-key uploadNoYes
Photo AlbumNoYes
I18nNoSupports Chinese (both simplified and traditional), English and French
Intelligent downloadNoYes
However, uread has more functions than listed in the above table. Try to find them out yourself.

How to upgrade uread?

The newest version is hereIf you want to upgrade an exe book, open it by the new uread. I recommend to change the book format to ubk.

From version 0.23 or above, uread can upgrade itself, if you have properly set it up. If you find the new version unstable or buggy after upgrading, you can find the old version in the same directory you installed uread, whose name has been renamed to uread.old.exe.

When there is a new version, uread will let you know and then you can click "manual upgrade" to install it.

Reading Questions

How to turn a page?

In Reading mode, use the arrows, spacePgUp, PgDn, Home, End keys, and mouse clicks and wheel;
In Editing mode, use PgUp, PgDn, mouse wheel.

Can I change font?

Sure, press Ctrl+F

If you want only to change font size, press Ctrl+up-arrow or down-arrow keys.

Can I correct mistakes in a book while reading?

Sure, first enter edit mode, and then uread is a wysiwig editor.

The page layout is messy. How can I resolve it?

Just change paper size or font to repaginate. The simplest way is to press [ or ] keys.

How to use text-to-speech?

You have to first set up your TTS in the Windows control panel to choose a voice for the language of the book. After that, press Ctrl+R to start/stop reading aloud.

Why can't I read certain epub books?

DRM protected epub books cannot be read by uread. You have to remove DRM protection first.

Question about making books

How to make a book?

1. If you already have a text file, open it, and add the cover or pictures to the book if necessary. You can also edit the text by entering the editing mode. After you close the book, a file with the same name with the .ubk extension is generated.

2. If you don't have any text, you can click "New book" menu command. If you want to make a photo album, click "Make albums" menu command, and then add pictures; if you want to write text, click "Tools" submenu and then click "Insert text segment" and then enter "edting mode" to type. You have to set the book name before exiting.

How to make a vertical text book?

Click "Vertical Lines" menu command to switch between vertical and normal text. This applies only to languages such as Chinese, Japanese, ...

How to insert pictures?

Click "Insert Image/Video". The position of the mouse will be used to determine to insert before the left or right page. Only jpeg, gif, png pictures are supported.

Editing Questions

Can I copy and paste?

Sure. The supported keys are Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. You can use the mouse to select the text.

Is editing supported in vertical text?

Yes, however, arrow keys behave differently. Use your intuition.

Other Questions:

I uploaded a book, but I cannot find it by searching. Why?

It has not been indexed yet. However, if you just uploaded it, you can find it in "New Books". If not, wait for the uploading to finish.